businessAD Welcome to Germany’s leading independent B2B online sales house

businessAD is a leading exclusive sales house for high-quality publisher-driven professional websites and for professional information portals. businessAD is at the top of the German AGOF (Audit Board Online Research) online sales houses concerning the B2B sector.

The businessAD offer comprises two key channels:  The channel “Mittelstand“ (SME) consists of more than 60 professional online portals providing concentrated business competence.

Specific vertical target groups and B2B decision-makers from different industry sectors can be reached directly via campaigns with businessAD.

Within the channel “Wirtschaft & Finanzen” (Business & Finance) we reach institutional investors and professional private investors through high reach finance portals and dedicated niche offers.

Our advertising formats comprise both standard IAB units and innovative rich media formats with a high response. The offer is completed by mobile advertising formats, in-app advertising, newsletter advertising and video formats.

A comprehensive service for our advertising clients is guaranteed. Transparent reportings and continuous campaign optimization are provided.

Thanks to our excellent advertising environments we have lived up to our corporate mission for more than 10 years:

businessAD is More Value for Brands

Corporate Image Brochure

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Total Portfolio

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Channel Business & Finance

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Channel SME

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Special Channel

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Channel International

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Brief Summary

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Channel Mobile

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Our Portfolio / Abstract

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  • media_boerse-frankfurt_engl.pdf
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  • media_finanzen.at_engl.pdf
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  • media_tradesignalonline_engl.pdf
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  • media_lto_engl.pdf
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  • media_abzonline_engl.pdf
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  • media_aerointernational_engl.pdf
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  • Media_engl_ahgz.pdf
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  • [809.28 KB]
  • media_sekadadaily_engl.pdf
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  • media_sekretaria_engl.pdf
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  • media_business-wissen_engl.pdf
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  • media_competitionline_engl.pdf
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  • media_springerprofessionals_engl.pdf
    media_springerprofessionals_engl.pdf [2.37 MB]
  • media_airliners_engl.pdf
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  • media_innovationsreport_engl.pdf
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  • media_reuters preliminary_engl.pdf
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  • media_managementpraxis_engl.pdf
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  • media_competitionline_engl.pdf
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  • Media_englisch_deutsche-startups.pdf
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Technical Specifications

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Price List

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brand integration

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Terms and Conditions of businessAD

  • Terms and Conditions of businessAD
    Terms and Conditions of businessAD
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    If you have further questions do not hesitate to contact us. Business Advertising GmbH
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