Welcome to businessAD How to reach B2B and financial decision-makers in the German-speaking countries

Would you like to reach professional target groups via relevant online media? Is your campaign focusing on decision-makers and would you like to reach them in the right editorial environments?

If your answer to these questions is YES, then businessAD is the right partner for you.

The Business Advertising GmbH is the leading independent online marketer in SME and Business and Finance. businessAD is independent of any particular publishing house.

Via our online media you will reach high net worth individuals as well as business decision-makers. We offer more than 50 sites which can be booked individually but also as segments or channels.

Our key channels are ,,Mittelstand" (SME, bundling the segments of various professional functions) and ,,Business&Finance" (bundling the leading financial sites in Germany). On top of that we offer advertising opportunities via regio targeting Austria and Switzerland on our German sites.

Sites in our portfolio are high quality editorial products, some of them being the online spin-offs of leading professional print media. They are extremely targeted and have a high acceptance among their loyal users.

Should you wish to receive further information on our portfolio we offer you these downloads. The selection of English media information is not comprehensive but is growing continuously. A great number of our sites are audited by the German Audit Bureau (IVW) and by the AGOF association. On top of that we are continuously profiling our sites by means of online surveys. All campaigns are continuously monitored and optimized in order to reach your goals - This is how we generate -More Value for Brands-

Total Portfolio

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Channel Business & Finance

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Channel & Segments

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Channel Mobile

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Our Portfolio

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Technical Specifications

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    Technical Specifications

Price List 2014

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